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Level Mate III Level Measurement System

The AMETEK LEVEL MATE III Level System uses a stainless steel transmitter as standard. A series of perforations in the bottom of the unit protects the sensing port from either clogging or damage. The same snub-nosed end can also unscrew, allowing for easy calibration checks.

The customized LEVEL MATE III meter displays data from the transmitter, provides excitation voltage and transmits an analog signal for remote recording, alarm or control functions. It is easy to calibrate by front panel adjustments. Its programmable relay permits set and reset programming. The large, easy-to-read LED display gives local indication while the optional isolated analog output can interface with ancillary display, recording or control devices. Combined into one convenient package, the AMETEK LEVEL MATE III Level System provides you with the most versatile level measurement system on the market!

  • Two-year factory warranty on the system
  • Intrinsically safe (Model 575S, 575P and 675)
  • Solid-state silicon sensor with milliamp output
  • Rugged stainless steel sensor housing – excellent environmental protection
  • Excellent media compatibility
  • Sensor vented to the atmosphere through the surface end of the cable
  • Microprocessor-controlled meter for quick, easy setup and calibration
  • Large dual line 6 digit display, 0.60” & 0.46”
  • Selectable setup via front keys
  • Programmable displays and function keys
  • Meter can be calibrated for inches of water, feet of water, meters of water, or any desired engineering units
  • Multi pump alternation control
  • Options Include
  • Lightning and secondary surge protectors
  • 4 relay expansion module
  • Meter copy programming cable
  • 4-20 mA analog output from meter
  • USB serial communication kit for configuring, monitoring and datalogging from a PC using DDMC MeterView software


  • Complete easy-to-use system – all in one package
  • Variety of reliable stainless steel sensors
  • Microprocessor-controlled digital display
  • Setpoints and signal outputs for remote monitoring, recording and control
  • Continuous measurement and display
  • Simple installation, virtually no maintenance
  • Low system pricing

View the Level Mate III Video

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