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Grain and Feed Silo Level Measurement

Grain and Feed Silo Level Measurement
Inventory control level measurement on raw feed silos allow material management automation.

The Problem
• Ultrasonic level measurement technologies do not provide the reliability or accuracy that is required for material management in grain and feed silos.
• Radar systems are unable to “see” reflections from most grains and feed stocks. Reliability and accuracy issues are common.
• RF Capacitance technologies do not provide the needed accuracy and require re-calibration with raw material variations.
• Mechanical technologies that use moving parts such as automatic plumb bobs require costly on-going maintenance.
• Manual readings do not provide the repeatability or the consistency that is required to automate material management.

Grain and Feed Level in Silo

The solution
• Drexelbrook DR7100 Series Guided Wave TDR level systems provide accurate level readings on all grain and feed silo level applications to 100 ft and greater.
• Reliable and Repeatable measurement accuracy within 1” of actual level with 0.04” resolution.
• Plug and Play Start-up, No calibration required.
• Easy configuration for 0% & 100% - just set it and forget it.
• No Maintenance, No moving parts, nothing to wear out, accuracy and performance unaffected by dust coatings.

Other Solutions
• Grain silos
• Feed Hoppers
• Caustic storage
• Rotating Filler lines
• Raw material storage
• Dryers
• Blenders
• Sanitary systems
• Dust collectors
• Solvent storage
• Oil storage
• Cyclones

Typical Uses
Continuous Level Control
Point Level Control
• Waste Management
• Inventory Management
• Overfill Protection
• Regulatory Compliance

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