Moisture Analysis in Plastic Pellets

Moisture Analysis in Plastic Pellets
Plastic pellets used as a raw material feed stock in many manufacturing processes are typically purchased based by weight. By determining the amount of water content (moisture) of the plastic pellets, several customers have saved thousands of dollars by only accepting what they paid for (raw material) and rejecting shipments that have too high of a water content.

The Problems

Know what you are paying for
Problem #1: When raw materials are purchased by weight, the product specification that is used to define the quality of the received product typically defines the limits of acceptable moisture content. It is obviously an advantage to the seller if they can sell you water at the same price as raw material. But how can a company determine if the product they are accepting falls within acceptable moisture tolerance without time consuming and costly product analysis on every shipment received?

Quality Assurance of your end product
Problem #2: If the raw materials that you purchase are out of specification, how does this affect the quality of your end product? Several manufacturers have determined that having unknown amounts of moisture in raw materials can affect

1) the amount of time it may take to produce a finished product
2) can affect the number of additional process steps that may be required to get uniform consistency
3) can affect the overall quality of an end product

The Answer

Monitor the moisture content of incoming raw material in-situ
AMETEK Drexelbrook’s RF Admittance technology offers a UIV-CM transmitter that can monitor variances in water (moisture) content of plastics and other solid materials over ranges as small as from 0 – 1% to as great as 0 – 50%, depending on the nature of the raw material. The UIV-CM Analyzer has an easy to install sensor that can be mounted in a pipe section, causing the pipe section to become part of a “test cell”.

As the raw material is transferred through the “test cell”, the RF Admittance level transmitter only sees output variations based on the moisture consistency variations of the raw material. The UIV-CM is offered in output ranges fro 0-1%, 0-5%, 0-10%, 0-30% and 0-50% water content, typically accuracies are within 1% of maximum scale.
Efficient manufacturing is a competitive, contact environment. If you are experiencing additional manufacturing costs and delays due to possible inconsistencies in your incoming raw materials, an AMETEK Drexelbrook UIV-CM moisture analyzer will immediately show you more about your raw material consistency than the suppliers product data sheet.

Other Drexelbrook Analyzer Products

Moisture Content in Solids
As described in this application bulletin, allows an in-situ analysis of moisture content in solids such as plastic pellets, grains, some minerals and materials that do not readily absorb moisture.

Moisture Content in Organic Liquids
Allows entrained moisture analysis of organic liquids, and solvents. Used by many oil refineries and oil production sites in the processing of, and separation of, crude oil and water. Use by pump and compressor manufacturers to eliminate the contamination of water in lubricating oils.

Moisture Content in Edible Oils and Margarines
Allows manufacturers and suppliers of edible oils, margarines, cooking fats, etc. to monitor the amount of entrained moisture to assure they meet government regulations on moisture content.

Dielectric Constant Analyzer
Solely specified by many UOP (Universal Oil Products) patented organic liquid processes to determine overall end quality and consistency of liquid organic end products. The analyzer determines end product quality and can control a diverter valve to recycle “out of spec” materials to be re-processed.

Liquid / Liquid Interface Level
Allows an accurate detection and indication of the interface between two immiscible liquids such as Oil & Water. The level system is immune to product build-up, temperature variations, pressure variations or density variations.

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