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Guided Wave Radar Level Measurement


Drexelbrook’s line of guided wave radar products (TDR) utilizes the most advanced signal processing techniques to provide customers with some of the most accurate level transmitters on the market.

Regardless of the application requirements Drexelbrook TDR products will continue to measure when others fail.
  • DR2000
    DR2000 Guided Wave Radar

    The DR2000 is a guided wave radar level transmitter for measuring distance, level, volume and mass. Its modular design makes it an economical and reliable solution for common level applications.

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  • DR7100
    DR7100 Guided Wave Radar

    The DR7100 is a guided wave radar level transmitter for two wire control systems. It is a contact measurement capable of total level and interface measurements up to 115 ft.

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  • The Impulse
    The Impulse Guided Wave Radar

    The Impulse is a guided wave radar, also known as a water level sensor, for total level and volumetric measurements on all liquids and slurries. When other water sensors quit the Impulse still delivers reliable measurements.

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