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Drexelbrook Cabinet for Wireless Solution Wins Readers Choice Award Best Cabinet Solution 2019

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Drexelbrook have proudly received the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Cabinet Solution 2019 from the acknowledged online magazine

During 2019 Drexelbrook launched no less than 3 new significant product lines, one of these was the Wireless Solution which included a wide offering of accessories to secure encrypted wireless data transfer for level measurement ideally suited for remote applications and in hazardous locations.

An important part of wireless communication is the selection of the I/O modules, often placed in areas having fumes or exposed to all sorts of weather conditions. The Drexelbrook Control Cabinet provides the necessary IP65 protection of the equipment, mounted inside the cabinet on the NS35 Rail.

The Box itself is easily mounted and from the I/O modules the connected outdoor transceiver will send encrypted data to the control center.

The Control Cabinet have been mounted many places already, as a pivotal part of the distribution of data from level measurement, water cut monitoring, level switches, and floating roof tank spill prevention systems. 

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