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Power and Co Generation Plants

The power industry has typically been one of the most demanding markets for level measurement instrumentation. Drexelbrook has consistently stepped up providing the best in class, level measurement products to serve this market.

Drexelbrook has decades of experience supplying capacitance, radar and ultrasonic based products that improves uptime, lowers generation costs, and enhance compliance to environmental regulations. Typical uses would include condensate scrubbers, fly ash hoppers, plugged chute detection and level control for storage and inventory tanks.

Some of the applications that Drexelbrook products have been successfully used on are:

• Seal Oil Level Indication for Gas Compressors
• Gas Transmission Plant Level Solutions
• Level Measurement Solutions for Fly Ash Silos
• Problems with Continuous Fly Ash Level Measurement
• Non-Contact Sensing with RF Proximity Level System
• Plugged Chute Detection for Granular Materials
• Plugged Chute Detection
• Fly Ash Level Alarms for Electrical Precipitators and Bag Houses
• Fly Ash Level Alarms

Drexelbrook offers product solutions that allow your Instrument Engineers to make the best decisions when selecting RF Admittance/CapacitanceGuided Wave Radar and Open Air Radar level measurement products.

Download our Coal and Fly Ash brochure here.