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Application Notes

We have gathered application notes from different industries enabling you to compare your level measurement needs with level measurements solutions previously provided by Drexelbrook for similar applications.
  • Beverage Plants
    Beverage Plants

    Drexelbrook manufactures level measurement instrumentation for a wide variety of applications in beverage processing plants.

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  • Food Processing
    Food Processing

    Food safety is one of the most critical aspects in processing today. Drexelbrook has manufactured high precision level measurement instruments for food processing for more than 50 years.

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  • Oil Production
    Oil Production

    Our RF Admittance point and continuous level instruments are used in oil refineries, offshore platforms and chemical plants all over the world.

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  • Cost Effective Alternative to Displacer Level Measurement
    Oil Refining

    For over 50 years oil refiners worldwide have turned to Drexelbrook for the most reliable level and analytical products.

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  • Organic Chemicals and Plastics
    Organic Chemicals and Plastics

    Plant safety is critical in today's processing environment and high integrity protection that includes the very best in level measurement products is our primary focus.

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  • Pharmaceutical Plants
    Pharmaceutical Plants

    Drexelbrook has over 30 years experience as a key supplier of measurement instruments to the pharmaceutical industry. We produce reliable and highly accurate products for the most demanding applications in this market.

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  • Power and C-Generation Plants
    Power and Co-Generation Plants

    Drexelbrook offers the best in class level measurement products to the power industry including capacitance sensors, radar level transmitters and ultrasonic level sensors.

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  • Pulp and Paper Plant
    Pulp and Paper Plants

    We manufacture high quality level measurement sensors and transmittes for use in the pulp and paper industry where Drexelbrook has been the preferred supplier for several decades.

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  • Solutions for Water and Wastewater
    Water and Wastewater Treatment

    As a solution provider Drexelbrook can offer the best product technology to solve any application challange in the water and wastewater industry.

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  • Additional Opportunities
    Additional Opportunities

    Whether your product need is to measure grain in a silo or to track the contamination levels in lubrication oil, Drexelbrook has the widest application experience in the industry. Put our field proven knowledge to the test and we will give you a solution you can depend on.

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