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Pharmaceutical Plants

The pharmaceutical industry strictly controls all aspects of their measurement process. There is a high focus on safety, sterility and accuracy in both storage and production applications.

Drexelbrook has over 30 years experience as a key supplier of measurement instruments to the pharmaceutical industry and we produce reliable and highly accurate products for the most demanding applications in this market. Typical uses would include point and continuous level control of critical process fluids, inventory management for both liquids and bulk solids stock, overfill protection and spill prevention.

Some of the applications that Drexelbrook products have been successfully used on are:

• De-Ionized Water (DI Water) Level Measurement Challenges
• De-Ionized Water Indication and Control
• RF Level Sensor that can be Fully Autoclaved
• Continuous Level Measurement System Validation
• Non-Contact Sensing with RF Proximity Level System
• Overfill / Spill Prevention in Solvent Tanks
• Foam Level in Pharmaceutical Bioreactor Vessels

Drexelbrook offers product solutions that allow your Instrument Engineers to make the best decisions when selecting RF Admittance/CapacitanceGuided Wave Radar and Open Air Radar level measurement products.