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Oil Production and Refining

The Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries are a major global market for Drexelbrook.

Our RF Admittance point and continuous level instruments have met the extreme environments found in oil refineries, offshore platforms and chemical plants for over 50 years. 

Some of the applications that Drexelbrook products have been successfully used on are:

• Alternative to Displacer Level Measurements
• Level Measurement Solutions for Petrochemical Industries
• Separator Control for Fun and Profit
• Liquid Natural Gas Separation in Fractionation Plants
• Use of RF and TDR for Interface Measurements
• Measuring Drilling Fluid Level in Mud Tanks
• Gas Plant Automation and Control
• Oil Storage Solutions for Level, Interface, and Temperature
• Water Bottoms
• Level Alarm Switch for Spill Retention Dike
• Overfill Protection
• Mud Pit Level
Why Choose a Drexelbrook Cut Monitor

Drexelbrook has a wide selection of products and technology offerings, and the expertise to apply them, affording Drexelbrook the unique position to provide the best possible solution to meet the instrumentation requirements specific to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries.

Download the brochure Measurement Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry here.