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Steel Mills

Drexelbrook level sensors has been providing high quality, reliable products to the steel industry for many years. From raw material through production to rolling and finishing Ametek industrial products can be found on most applications.

Drexelbrook focuses its open air radar products into critical applications such as scrap car position and furnace levels and superior point level products into bin and container measurement. With Capacitance and Open Air Radar technologies to choose from, Drexelbrook has the expertise to satisfy the most difficult requirements. 

Some other applications that Drexelbrook products have been successfully used on are:

• Monitor Level of Lubrication Oil in Reservoir 
• Lube Oil Contamination Monitor
• Protect Pumps with In-Line Fluid Detection

Drexelbrook offers product solutions that allow your Instrument Engineers to make the best decisions when selecting RF Admittance/CapacitanceGuided Wave Radar and Open Air Radar level measurement products.

Download the brochure Measurement Solutions for the Steel Mill Industry here.