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Magnetostrictive Level Measurement


Drexelbrook’s line of magnetostrictive level probes utilizes proven machine tool positioning accuracy combined with process compatible floats to offer liquid level, interface level and temperature measurements with no requirements for maintenance or calibration.
  • Total Tank Level System
    Total Tank Level System

    The Total Tank Level System is an intrinsically safe and explosion proof level sensor with several communication options. Outputs include Modbus RTU digital, dual 4-20mA and HART. The Modbus version is offered in a single housing and the 4-20mA and HART output product features a dual compartment housing and display.

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  • DM231
    DM231 Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

    The Drexelbrook DM231 is an explosion proof level sensor with Modbus RTU digital output for total level, interface level and temperature sensor outputs. Temperature sensors are evenly distributed over the active length of the rigid 316SS tube.

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  • DM330
    DM330 Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

    The DM330 Series is a two wire, 4-20 mA output level transmitter that is not affected by changes in electrical characteristics. Suitable for I.S. installations with Class I Div. 1, Zone 0 approvals from FM, CSA and ATEX.

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  • DM330S
    DM330S Sanitary Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

    The DM330S sanitary magnetostrictive level system provides 3A approval with 240-grit polish on all process wetted components. Ideal for SIP/CIP service and not affected by changes in electrical characteristics.

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  • 7250 Digital Stik Liquid Level Sensor

    This liquid level sensor is ideal for liquid level monitoring, interface level and leak detection in a variety of liquid media in above ground and underground storage tanks. The 7250 series has an inherently lower cost design which results in savings.

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  • 7100 Leak Detect Stik Liquid Level Sensor

    The 7100 is an intrinsically safe leak detector that takes field proven magnetostrictive sensing technology and packages it in a revolutionary new way for greater reliability and for easy installation and mounting.

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  • 7330 Pro-Stik Level Sensor
    7330 Pro-Stik II Level Sensor

    Pro-Stik II is an intrinsically safe level probe sensor. It combines the reliability and resolution of magnetostrictive continuous absolete positioning sensing with the Stik package to create a unique level measureing instrument.

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