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Food Processing

Drexelbrook provides reliable, high quality level measurement instrumentation for food processing applications.

Food safety is one of the most critical aspects in processing today, and machine builders and food processors have come to rely on Drexelbrook products for the past 50 years.

Typical uses would include point and continuous level control, 3A certified probes, inventory management, overfill protection, waste management and regulatory control.

Some of the applications that Drexelbrook products have been successfully used on are:

•  Grain and Feed Silo Level Measurement
•  Continuous Level Measurement of Powdered Milk
•  Measuring Level of Condensed Milk in an Evaporator
•  Molasses Inventory in Large Storage Tanks
•  Fill and Empty Control in Seafood Processing Tank
•  Meat Packing Plant- High Pressure Cook Kettle
•  Batch “Make Up” Control for Food Processing Facilities

Download the brochure Measurement Solutions for the Pet Food Industry here.

Drexelbrook supply better solutions that allow your Instrument Engineers to make the best decisions when selecting RF Admittance/Capacitance, Guided Wave Radar and Open Air Radar level measurement products.