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Control Relays

Drexelbrook manufactures a supporting line of control relays that are developed especially for use as safe, reliable, economical original equipment components in many different types of commercial and industrial products.

Designed to operate from electrodes or probes contacting conductive liquids, our control relays are ideally suited for level control applications in such products as vending, dispensing, ice-making machines, water softeners, dishwashers, and coffee makers, plus many types of operating equipment in the food, drug, dairy, brewing, distilling and chemical processing industries.
  • Alarm Panel
    Alarm Panel

    Our high quality control panels are supplied with control relay, wired terminal block, motor starter, or a base panel for external connections.

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  • Induction Style Control Relay
    Induction Style

    The floatless liquid level control system consists of a relay of the proper type, a holder designed to support one or more electrodes or probes in the liquid container, and the corrosion resistant electrodes themselves.

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  • Solid State Relay - Plug in Style
    Solid State

    Solid state relays are designed for controlling a wide variety of high and low resistance liquids, moist bulk materials, and general purpose use in applications requiring a low voltage control circuit.

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