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Beverage Plants

Drexelbrook manufactures level measurement instrumentation for a variety of applications in beverage processing plants.

Typical uses would include point and continuous level control, 3A Certified probes, inventory management, overfill protection, waste management and regulatory control.

Some of the applications that Drexelbrook products have been successfully used on are:

•  Grain and Feed Silo Level Measurement
•  Measuring WORT in a Brew Kettle
•  Level Measurement in Beer Foam
•  Over-boil Problems in the Brewing Industry
•  Filler-Bowl Applications
•  Non-Contact Sensing with RF Proximity Systems
•  Foam Trending
•  Raw Material Storage
•  Feed Hoppers
•  Blenders

Easy set up and configuration for RF Admittance/Capacitance, Guided Wave Radar and Open Air Radar products makes these an excellent choice for real time dynamic level measurement and control or switch point control.