Avoid the Silent Killer of Your Water Cut Monitoring Budget

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The budget for monitoring water cut in your oil production operations may appear fine on the surface but what about the hidden costs behind the scenes? Is the salary and overtime spent on field technicians wasted on service and calibration of instruments that were supposed to work perfectly? What is the cost of faulty measurement? What is the cost of down time and shipping instruments for repair to the manufacturer’s facility while production is down? Or when additional instrumentation is needed to perform the monitoring? If you do not know the answer to these questions you may be the victim of the silent budget killer.

Reliability and Longevity Protects the Budget
For decades Drexelbrook has been working in the oil industry helping to eradicate this silent killer. The knowledge and experience that Drexelbrook holds has been integrated in our level and water cut monitoring instruments. These are manufactured to deliver trustworthy data, and to do so with proven quality even in harsh environments. One of the most reliable instruments on the market is the Universal IV-CM water cut monitor. In fact, it is regarded as one of the toughest protectors of the production budget and now Drexelbrook underlines this reliability by increasing the warranty period from 1 to 3 years, free-of-charge.
Probes Designed for the Job
RF admittance technology is used to ignore coatings and build-up that can plague day to day operations. All probes used for the Universal IV cut monitors are manufactured with patented Cote Shield technology to ensure proper performance under these conditions. This means that even with the sticky materials measured at oil wells, the data is accurate and reliable.  A wide selection of probes secures that it is possible to select the ideal probe for any application. The length of the probe can vary, Drexelbrook probes typically measure across more than 15” of sensing area whereas many competing products only measure on 2”. This means that the Universal IV-CM water cut monitor provides a more reliable evaluation of the passing media compared to most competition.

RF Admittance technology measures the differences of dielectric constants of water and oil in the media passing by the probe. The monitoring can be performed at up to 1500 PSI and 230°C/450°F. A primary application for water cut monitors is on LACT skids monitoring the quality of upstream oil flow post separation, ensuring trustworthy data for transferred oil.

Drexelbrook Trust Universal IV Water Cut Monitor, and We Can Prove it
Universal IV-CM water cut monitor has proven itself as one of the most reliable water cut monitors on the market. Even when exposed to the harsh conditions of oil field operations or at the refinery, it simply has outperformed most competitive products. The reliability of the Drexelbrook Universal IV-CM water cut monitor is now highlighted as Drexelbrook expands the warranty to 3 years. 
Contact Drexelbrook today, to discuss your application, and how we, can help you protect your budget!

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