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Measuring Level of Wort in a Brew Kettle

Measuring Level of Wort in a Brew Kettle
The brew kettle is typically a large copper vessel with several steam coils in the bottom. The wort slurry is added to the kettle until the coils are covered. The wort is then boiled.

The Problem

The level of the liquid wort needs to be determined to make sure the steam coils are covered. It is also important to continually monitor the level of the wort to control the temperature, minimizing boil off. The nature of the application, hot, steamy, boiling surface, make many level technologies unsuitable.

Measuring Level of Wort in a Brew Kettle

The Solution
Drexelbrook installed RF Point level switches above the steam coils to indicate coverage. An RF Continuous system was also installed to continually monitor the level of the wort to control the cook time and minimize boil off. 

• Efficiently controls cook time
• Positive indication of coil coverage
• Minimize boil off
• No routine maintenance required. Install it and forget it.
*Consult factory for higher temperature of pressure.

Other Solutions
• Grain Storage
• Wash Mixer
• Cereal Cooler
• Lanter Tun
• Wet Spent Grain
• Hot Wort Tank
• Pitch Yeast Tank
• Fermenter
• Spent Yeast Tank

Typical Uses
• Continuous Level
• Point Level
• Waste Management
• Inventory Management
• Overfill Protection
• Regulatory Compliance

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