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Level Measurement for Water in Sewage Pools

Level Measurement for Water in Sewage Pools
Prevention of waste water overflow in sewers is simple using the USonic for a fast and easy solution.

A major power plant who wishes to remain nameless has been proudly known for it’s “Green Approach” and is committed to maintain a clean and safe environment in the plant and it’s surrounding community. 

The Problems
The power plant’s branched sewage system requires instant maintenance and control. Water used by the plant to operate the turbine and other wastes is sent through the sewage system to the city’s wastewater treatment plant. 

Some of the sewers are scattered around the plant in remote locations, making it difficult for the maintenance personal to approach and repair damages on time.
The plant’s technicians were looking for a solution to better control the sewers and to prevent cases where wastewater might overflow.

Since the sewage system is connected to a central control room, the readings from each sewage pool had to be conveyed to the main DCS. To gain maximum control over those sewers, the plant needed 24/7 watch and on site guard. 

Technicians also stressed that when the sewers were blocked, due to the time it took for the equipment to handle the blockage, wastewater flooding was inevitable. This flooding caused serious damage to its surroundings. To prevent cases like these from reappearing it was essential to control the level of wastewater in the sewers.

The Solution
After long examination of several possibilities, the plant decided to install two USonic systems in its sewage pools. USonic’s ability to produce non-contact, continuous and accurate readings of the water level in the pools gave the plant’s engineers a clear picture of the pools’ status.

Its compact size and Integral construction simplifies its installation, providing an effective solution in up and running in no time. With a measuring range of up to 30 ft. the USonic had no problem providing water level readings of the 12ft. high sewage pools. Its Scan distance function can map obstacles in the pool and memorize interfering signals.

The USonic was connected via 4-20mA to the central control system, enabling the plant’s engineers a constant control over the water level in the sewers. In this way the engineers were ensured the sewers will maintain the right water level and in case of emergency the system would be alerted.

The two USonic systems installed in the power plant provide the plant’s engineers full control over the water level in the sewers. The systems ability to display continuous level readings around the clock, made a change in the way maintenance personal handled the sewage system. 

They can now save time to detect sudden blockages and prevent environmental damages on time. Its compact size and reduced price provided the plant an instant return on investment.

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