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Batch "Make Up" Control for Food Processing Facilities

Batch "Make Up" Control for Food Processing Facilities
The Problem
• Food processing applications require Sanitary Sensing elements that are suited for CIP (Clean In Place)
• Viscous coatings will cause most point level switches such as vibration and floats to fail
• Heavy agitation can damage sensing elements
• Failure to indicate proper level controls points will result in a ruined batch, possible overfill, and down time

The Solution
• The Multipoint II from Drexelbrook provides three control points on one vertically mounted sensor
• Sensors have no moving parts and are 3A sanitary designed suitable for CIP
• Cote-Shield circuitry eliminates false alarms due to coatings 
• Robust sensors are designed to withstand agitated vessels.

Multipoint II Sensor from Drexelbrook

Other Solutions
• Mix Tanks
• Sump Level
• Open Channel Flow
• Waste
• Day Tanks
• Floor Drain Levels
• Materials Storage
• Pump Protection

Typical Uses
• Continuous Level Control
• Point Level Control
• Waste Management
• Inventory Management
• Overfill Protection
• Regulatory Compliance

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