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Meat Packing Plant High Pressure Cook Kettle

Meat Packing Plant High Pressure Cook Kettle
The Application
After the usable meat products are removed from the bone, what’s left is placed in a large cook kettle. The kettle is filled until the scraps reach a high-level stop fill sensor. The scraps are then cooked at high pressure until it becomes a paste like consistency. After cooking, the material is pneumatically pumped to storage and the process begins again.

The Problem
A point level-measuring device is used to indicate when the vessel is full prior to cooking. The sticky consistency of this material coats everything in the vessel making most level devices unsuitable.

The Solution
Drexelbrook installed an Intellipoint series point level switch with Cote Shield coating rejection. The Intellipoint reliably indicates high level and is unaffected by the sticky coating.

• Saves money through more efficient process.
• No routine maintenance required.
• No moving parts to wear out or hang up.
*Consult factory for higher temperature or pressure.

Other Solutions
• High and Low Level
• Spill Prevention
• Sumps
• Waste Water
• Storage Vessel

Typical Uses
• Continuous Level
• Point Level
• Waste Management
• Inventory Management
• Overfill Protection
• Regulatory Compliance

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