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Lube Oil Contamination Monitor

Lube Oil Contamination Motor
The Application
Large fabricating machines such as those found in Power, Chemical, Steel, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, and other manufacturing industries have bearings that require a constant supply of clean, uncontaminated oil.

The Problem
These large machines typically have ambient air or water getting into the system due to leaks. This can come from normal wash down procedures or inherent condensation due to recirculation heat. Bearing seals normally keep the water out of the lube oil. If a seal is compromised, water contaminates the oil causing damage to the bearings. Replacing the bearings is expensive and causes unscheduled down-time.

Lube Oil Monitor Mounted in vertical section of pipe. Monitor can also be mounted directly in lube oil reservoir.

The Solution
Drexelbrook lube oil contamination monitor continuously checks bearing lubricating oil for presence of water. The indicating transmitter is factory calibrated and displays a precise digital readout of water percentage from 0 to 50%. This allows the operator to schedule and perform maintenance before damage to the bearings can occur thereby eliminating expensive bearing replacement and unscheduled down-time. 

• Eliminate damage due to lube oil contamination
• Monitor lube oil to indicate when seal require maintenance
• No routine maintenance required. Install it and forget it.
• Reduce unscheduled down-time.

Other Solutions
• Lube Oil Reservoirs
• Wash Down Sumps
• Cut monitor / BS & W
• Percentage of water entrained in any hydrocarbon liquid

Used for
• Continuous Level control
• Point Level control
• Waste removal
• Inventory management
• Overfill Protection
• State compliance issues

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