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Protect Pumps with In-Line Fluid Detection

Protect Pumps with In-Line Fluid Detection
The Problem
• Progressing cavity pumps are used for transporting heavy slurries and fluids with high solid content.
• These pumps require a constant supply of fluid for lubrication.
• If the pump runs dry, the internal components and motor can be damaged requiring expensive repairs and costly downtime.
• Most level switches used to indicate a loss of fluid require insertion into the flow stream, which contributes to plugging.
• Coatings and damage from solids will cause most level switches to fail.

Protect Pumps with In-Line Fluid Detection
The Solution
• The Drexelbrook ClearLine level switch mounts flush with the inside of the pipe and does not interfere with the free flow of fluid.
• Sensors are robust, industrial designs to stand up to this punishing installation.
• There are no moving parts to wear out or hang up.
• Cote-Shield circuitry eliminates false alarms due to coatings.
ClearLine level switches are pre-calibrated at the factory and are not affected variations in density or conductivity.

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