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Coker Drum Level in Oil Refineries

Coker Drum Level in Oil Refineries
The Application
A coker drum involves processing heavy oils for up to 16 hours at 800 degrees Fahrenheit and 65 psig. During this time coke is formed on the surface of the oil. The
level of the coke is measured so the process can be run to produce the maximum amount of coke.

The Problem
The temperature of the process, 800° F, is too high for many level technologies. Also, the process produces heavy vapors and sticky residue that eliminates ultrasonic and mechanical measurement technologies.

The Solution
Drexelbrook solves this difficult application by installing a DR7000 series FMCW airborne radar level transmitter. The radar level transmitter is immune to problems caused by vapors and a special high temp flange assembly handles the hot installation conditions. The DR7000 radar level transmitter provides accurate, reliable level of the coke allowing the process to be run to peak efficiency.

Coker Drum Level in Oil Refineries

• Reliable alternative to nuclear gauges
• Allows process to be run at peak efficiency
• No routine maintenance required
• No moving parts to wear out or hang up
*Consult factory for higher temperature or pressure

Other Solutions
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Typical Uses
• Continuous Level
• Point Level
• Waste Management
• Inventory Management
• Overfill Protection
• Regulatory Compliance

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