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Leak Detection for Double Wall Pipe

Leak detection for Double Wall Pipe
The Application
Double wall piping is often used to transport hazardous or environmentally unfriendly liquids from one area of a plant to another. The secondary containment pipe provides a degree of safety if the primary pipe leaks.

The Problem
Some means is required to detect a leak in the primary pipe. Space for mounting a detection sensor is limited.

The Solution
Drexelbrook recommended installation of a collection boot in the secondary containment pipe. We then installed a miniature RF point level sensor. The sensor detects the presence of liquid inside the containment pipe and sends an alarm to the control room.

Leak detection for Double Wall Pipe

• Detects leak in primary containment pipe.
• Reduces unscheduled downtime.
• No routine maintenance required. Install it and forget it.
*Consult factory for higher temperature of pressure.

Other Solutions
• Interface
• Slop Oil Vessels
• Condensate Storage
• High Level
• Low Level
• Overfill Protection

Typical Uses
• Continuous Level
• Point Level
• Waste Management
• Inventory Management
• Overfill Protection
• Regulatory Compliance

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