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Foam Level in Pharmaceutical Bioreactor Vessels

Foam Level in Pharmaceutical Bioreactor Vessel
The Problem
· If foam reaches a high level, it will foul filters causing the process to upset and the batch to be ruined.
· Foam in the vent line will require cleaning or replacement of filters and can damage the vacuum pump.
· De-foaming agent is expensive and, if used inefficiently, can upset the process.
· Point Level Measurement technologies such vibration and floats cannot detect foam.
· Technologies such as conductivity and ultrasonic gap switches are unreliable for foam detection.

Foam Level in Pharmaceutical Bioreactor Vessel

The Solution

· Drexelbrook RF Admittance switches quickly respond to any water based or conductive foam preventing batch loss and saving filters and vacuum pumps.
· Reduces cost by dispensing de-foaming agent only when foam reaches a fixed high-level point.
· Sensors are available in sanitary designs for a wide range of temperatures and pressure requirements.
· Drexelbrook point level switches require no calibration, simply install them and power them up.
· Drexelbrook RF switches have no moving parts and require no maintenance.
· The Intellipoint™ RF Admittance switch Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) has been calculated to more then 110 years*.

*Intellipoint loop powered model as tested by

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