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RF Level Sensor That Can Be Fully Autoclaved

RF Level Sensor That Can Be Fully Autoclaved
Universal IV is created with an innovative Sensor Design for Autoclave requirements - The RF Level Sensor combines a Quick Disconnect to wiring connections and Triclamp process mounting to provide a solution alternative then primary level measurement sensors need sterilization.

Our sensor design allows the sensor to be quickly and easily removed from the vessel via quick disconnect electrical and process connections, or if the entire vessel must be autoclaved after a process run, this sensor can survive while remaining installed in the vessel during the full autoclave process.

Typically when level sensors needed to be autoclaved for sterilization, the sensor required some items such as housings, etc., to be disassembled before being autoclaved. A new sensor design requested by a major global pharmaceutical company, would permit the sensor to remain installed on small “tote” vessels during autoclaving. In this specific use, the tote vessels have wheels that allow them to be rolled into large autoclaves for sterilization.

Additionally, this level sensor can be easily removed from the vessel for sterilization when used on larger vessels that are not transportable.

Key Features

• 316LSS construction of the sensor main housing body with a 316LSS cap (with a retaining chain) will seal and protect the 6-pin Mil-Spec Series I Connector via an EDPM O-ring. This seal will keep out any foreign material or moisture from entering the electrical connections during the autoclave process.

• 3/8 inch OD TFE Teflon sensing element custom made to the user defined insertion length (typically tank depth minus 1⁄2 inch (13 mm), for continuous level measurements).

• Sensor temperature rated from -65° C to +175° C (-85° F to +347° F).

• Process mounting per customer specification, typically Triclamp design 1” through 4”, others on request.

• Crimped 316LSS inactive section below Triclamp mounting eliminates any possible bacteria retaining crevasses between the Teflon sensor rod and process mounting.

• All process wetted parts TFE Teflon and 316LSS.

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Download this application note as a PDF