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4 Input I/O Extension Module

4AI extension module for wireless transceiver, transfer of encrypted data from level measurement, level switches and floating roof tanks 
I/O Extension Module 4AI for Drexelbrook Wireless Data Transfer from Level Measurement or Level Switch
4AI Transceiver RAD-AI4-IFS4AI Transceiver RAD-AI4-IFS

The 4 Analog Input extension module, RAD-AI4-IFS I/O,  can be used in conjunction with Radioline wireless modules and other Interface System (IFS) master devices.

DIN rail mounted and can be combined with up to 32 io modules for the exact setup needed.

The io module communicates with IFS modules such as the Indoor Transceiver RAD-900-IFS 

Key Features
• Easy and tool-free I/O mapping via thumbwheel on the front
• Modular design via DIN rail connector (hot-swap capable)
• Channel-to-channel electrical isolation
• 4 analog inputs (alternatively 0/4 ... 20 mA)
• 16-bit resolution of the analog inputs (accuracy < 0.02%) 

Product Type
Level monitor, Level controller, Level switch

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