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ThePoint - Line Powered Level Switch

ThePoint Line Powered provides a relay output switch and has hazardous area approvals making it a good choice for most of your point level application requirements. ThePoint sensing element offering is suitable for most temperature, pressure, and material types.
ThePoint - Line Powered
ThePoint level switch is an excellent product for most of your point level application needs.

ThePoint offers many of the features and benefits of the IntelliPoint, at a more economical price.

This level switch is maintenance free and no moving parts make ThePoint the ideal choice to replace high maintenance, less robust point level products. ThePoint is simply the BEST VALUE for a no calibration point level switch in the industry.

Key Features
• Cote-Shield circuitry ignores coatings
• No moving parts for maintenance free operation
• Applications from cryogenic to 500ºF, vacuum to 1,000 psi
• Supply voltage: 19-250 VAC, 18-200 VDC, Auto-detecting without jumpers
• 3A approved probes suitable for sanitary applications

Product Type
Liquid level sensor, Granular level sensor, Slurry level sensor, Point level switch, Point level transmitter, Point level sensor

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    • Measuring Level of Wort in Brew Kettle

      Drexelbrook offer point level solutions for measuring level of wort in brew kettles. The nature of the application, hot, steamy, boiling surface, make many level technologies unsuitable for measuring level of wort in a brew kettle.

    • Foam Trending

      Drexelbrook offers an accurate and reliable foam level measurement solution for the beer and wine industry.

    • Filler Bowl Applications

      Learn how to provide accurate level control and ignore foams in filler bowl applications with Drexelbrook level measurement technologies.

    • Molasses Inventory in Large Storage Tanks

      Measurement of this large volume commodity presents several unique problems. Drexelbrook offer a solution.

    • Fill and Empty Control in Seafood Processing Tank

      When processing surimi at sea knowing how much water to add to the tank and when to stop adding the fillets can be tricky. Drexelbrook point level sensors are...

    • Meat Packing Plant - High Pressure Cook Kettle

      The Intellipoint point level switch from Drexelbrook indicates when a vessel is full prior to cooking.

    • Batch "Make Up" Control for Food Processing Facilities

      The Multipoint II level switch from Drexelbrook provides three control points on one vertically mounted sensor.

    • Oil Separation Assisted by Drexelbrook

      The first criterion for accurate interface control within the oil industry is good separation. Learn how to control separation...

    • Leak Detection for Double Wall Pipe

      Double wall piping is often used to transport hazardous liquids from one area of a plant to another. When space for mounting a detection sensor is limited Drexelbrook offer a small point level sensor that...

    • Level Alarm for Spill Retention Dike

      Drexelbrook ultrasonic gap switches indicate the presence of liquid in retention dikes at oil and chemical storage vessels.

    • Problems with Continuous Fly Ash Level Measurement

      Many TDR systems do not have the sensitivity required to measure the low dielectric values of fly ash or a Single Cable sensor design that can make this measurement, and will also hold up to the mechanical forces and abrasion of fly ash.

    • Fly Ash Level Alarms for Electrical Precipitators and Bag Houses

      Fly ash is difficult level measurement due to the dusty coating nature and high temperature environment. The Drexelbrook Intellipoint level alarm offers a solution.

    • Electrostatic Hazards in Granular Bins

      When assessing the safety of a storage tank, which contains an ignitable, insulating granular, or one that produces an ignitable dust or vapor, there are two sources of ignition to evaluate.

    • Granular Material Level in Storage Silo

      Drexelbrook RF level switches are the most robust and versatile point level devices available.

    • Point Level Measurement in Granular Storage Silos

      The weight of a granular material in silos and the dirty, dusty nature of the environment makes mechanical level devices unreliable. Drexelbrook offers a solution.

    • High Level Shut Off Filler Arm Loading

      Sensors mounted on filler arms are susceptible to impact shok which will damage most point level technologies. Drexelbrook RF sensing elements offer a solution.

    • Wallboard Drywall Industry Gypsum Feed Bin

      Measuring granular materials in a chute is an extreme environment for any sensing element. Gypsum rock is abrasive and heavy, causing insertion type sensors to quickly wear, bend, or completely shear off.

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