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Z-Tron IV Level Switch

The Z-Tron IV level switch is a one-piece on/off level switch suited for a wide variety of applications. 

Unlike paddle wheels, vibrating tines or other mechanical instruments, the Z-Tron IV has no components to jam, break or wear out. No need for routine maintenance, cleaning or replacing of worn parts.
Z-Tron IV
The Z-Tron IV level switch is one of our most popular on/off level switches offering an effective, low-cost material level detection in a wide variety of applications. It is widely used as an alternative to electromechanical level switches.

This level switch is unaffected by sticky coatings and impervious to corrosive liquids.

The Cote-Shield circuitry allows the Z-tron IV to ignore coatings or build up on the sensing element. No false signals from tunneling or dust will occour when using the Z-tron IV. 

This level switch is a one-piece unit and is easily installed through a single 3/4-inch vessel opening.

Calibration is quick and simple and the Z-Tron IV does not require routine maintenance, cleaning or replacement of worn parts.

Key Features
• DPDT relay closure
• Power requirements:
- AC Units (field adjustable): 95-145 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 Watt
- DC Units: 24 VDC Unit: 19-29 VDC input, 2 Watt
• Operating point range: 0-80 pF (20 turn pot / 4 pF per turn). Extended range with external pad capacitator, pad ratio 1:1
• 3A Approved Probes suitable for sanitary applications

Product Type
Liquid level sensor, Point level switch, Point level transmitter, Point level sensor

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