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Fly Ash Level Alarms for Electrical Precipitators and Bag Houses

Fly Ash Level Alarms for Electrostatic Precipitators and Bag Houses
The Problem
· Flyash is a difficult level measurement due to the dusty, coating nature and high temperature environment.
· High flyash levels will damage electrostatic grids and bag house filters. 
· Regulatory requirements and source disposal problems make nuclear gauges an unappealing choice.
· Mechanical paddle wheels require high maintenance and regular motor replacement.
· Vibrating technologies fail due to sensor damage, coatings, and “rat holing”.
· Flyash emissions carry penalties under the Federal Clean Air Act.

The Solution
· The Intellipoint RF Admittance High Level alarm requires no maintenance. There are no moving parts to wear or jam. The Cote shield circuitry ignores even heavy coatings. Drexelbrook has installed thousands or RF Admittance point level switches in ESP’s and FF’s over the past 30 years.
· There are no regulatory requirements for the Intellipoint.
· Sensors are robust, industrial designed.
· Protects electrostatic grids and bag filters from damage due to high flyash level.
· The Intellipoint Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) has been calculated to more then 110 years*.

*Intellipoint loop powered model as tested by

Fly Ash Level Alarms for Electrostatic Precipitators and Bag Houses

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