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Seal Oil Level Indication for Gas Compressors

Seal Oil Level Indication for Gas Compressors
The Application
A reservoir or “pot” feeds oil to a gas compressor. The oil provides a mechanical seal on the shaft in the gas compressor so that the gasses it is compressing do not leak or escape. It is critical that the seal is maintained for personnel as well as mechanical protection.

The Problem
The level of oil in the “pot” must be maintained in order to provide a constant feed of oil to the compressor. Traditionally, the level of oil has been monitored using floats or displacers. However, the maintenance required to keep these technologies from hanging up and failing due to mechanical wear make them less then ideal for this measurement.

Seal Oil Pot

The Solution

Drexelbrook installed an RF continuous transmitter. The RF sensor has no moving parts and requires no routine maintenance providing reliable monitoring of the oil level.

· HART smart RF transmitter for easy calibration from anywhere in the loop.
· No routine maintenance required. Install it and forget it.
· Two-wire transmitter reduces installation cost.
· Not affected by changes in oil density.
· Insures constant oil supply and eliminates potential explosion hazard due to leaking gas.

*Consult factory for higher temperature, pressure, or alternate mountings.

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