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Gas Transmission Plant Level Solutions

Gas Transmission Plant Level Solution
The Problem
• Condensation and changing compositions require constant maintenance and re-calibration.
• Stratification of oils, glycols, and water make “total level” measurements difficult for many traditional technologies.
• Maintenance personnel continue to make level readings and adjustments to existing levelsystems.

The Solution

• The DM300 Magnetostrictive Level System for Total Level.
• Unaffected by vapors, coatings, density, and variations. The DM300 requires no periodic maintenance and no calibration.
• “Plug-N-Play” Two-Wire system for Class I, Div. 1 installations.
• High Accuracy, 0.1% of span.

Drexelbrook DM300 Intrinsically Safe Two-Wire Design for Class I, Div. 1 Areas

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