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Alternative to Displacer Level Measurement

Alternative to Displacer Level Measurement
The Problem
• Displacer accuracy is dependant on the specific gravity of a fluid. Varying specific gravities and “off spec” product result in significant measurement errors.
• Coating build-up on the displacer body produces errors.
• “Blowdowns” to clean displacer internals and cages is time consuming and expensive.
• Rebuilds due to component wear add significantly to the total cost of ownership.
• Interface measurements are more sensitive to slight specific gravity variances and result in separator throughput lower than the design specification.

The Solution
• Drexelbrook Radio Frequency (RF) Admittance technology eliminates all of the inherent problems with Displacer technology level measurement.
• RF is immune to changes in specific gravity, density, temperature, and pressure.
• Accuracies to 1⁄4 inch of level in short span installations.
• No moving parts to wear, No periodic maintenance.
• Replacement cost differentials covered by eliminating one rebuild.

Alternative to Displacer Level Measurement

Other Solutions
• Amine Storage
• Cat Cracker Tower
• Caustic Storage
• Molten Sulfur
• Ammonia Storage
• Acid
• Phenol
• Coalescer
• Sour Water Stripper
• Distillation Towers
• Propane / Butane
• Oil / Water Interface
• Vacuum tower
• Acrylate / Acid Interface

Typical Uses
• Continuous Level Control
• Point Level Control
• Waste Management
• Inventory Management
• Overfill Protection
• Regulatory Compliance

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