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Water Bottoms

Water Bottoms
Drexelbrook’s RF Admittance level transmitter Universal IV can be used to provide water level information to a fuel management inventory system so that net gallons of Petroleum can be computed accurately. It can also be used for leak detection, where any unscheduled decrease in water level indicates a leak in the tank bottom. 

Water Bottoms

The signal can be used to control automatic water draw-off. For installation convenience, the intrinsically-safe sensing element can be mounted through a side wall of the tank or through the roof. The specific model and measuring area (active length) of the sensing element should be specified to be consistent with the expected maximum height of the water level, mounting considerations and mounting tolerances.

Final calibration can be done quickly and accurately with a known water level on the sensing element after installation. There are no moving parts to break or wear out, and materials of construction resist corrosion.

The transmitter is available with HoneywellTM or HART smart protocols or two-wire Analog 4-20mA output, and is intrinsically safe when used with an approved power supply. World Wide Hazard Certifications are available.

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Learn more about the Universal IV level transmitter for water bottoms in this PDF