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Oil Storage Solutions for Level Interface and Temperature

Oil Storage Solutions for Level Interface and Temperature Measurements
The Problem
Countless tank farms are “Sticking” tanks to determine their total level and interface levels, plus taking seperate temperature measurements of their oil storage tanks. This method is time consuming, expensive and does not always provide accurate measurements.

Tank farms using traditional float level devices are vulnerable to inaccurate readings due to coatings or faulty floats. With oil field resources becoming more costly, a better and more reliable method of level and temperature measurement is needed.

The Solution
The TLS Magnetostrictive Level System with Modbus or Dual 4-20mA Output.

DM231 with Multi-Modbus. ExplosionProof for Class I Div. 1 installations.

• The Digital communications output provides operators Total Level, Interface Level and Product Temperature. The 5 individual temperature readings located along the span of the device will provide the average temperature and, more importantly an exact temperature of the stored oil.

• The Multi-Modbus supports many data type configurations such as Integer, Floating Point, Long Integer, and in any byte order. For example Big Endian or Little Endian. It also supports ENRON Modbus format!

• Units of measurement are available in Metric or English, and in either RTU or ASCII operations mode.

• The TLS Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Sensor has a level accuracy of +/- 0.01% and temperature accuracy of +/- 1° F. The probe and floats are made of 316 SST. It is Explosion Proof for Class 1, Div. 1 installations.

• Installation is easy and requires no calibration. Simply mount the TLS in your application and it is already working.

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