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De-Ionized Water Indication and Control

De-Ionized Water Indication and Control
The Problem
• DI Water conductivities can range from 1 – 10 micromhos / microsiemens.
• Simple Capacitance level systems “drift” with normal variations in DI water conductivity.
• Conductance technologies are “fooled” by the extreme low conductivity of DI Water.
• Many contact technologies contaminate the DI Water by using a bare metal sensor that can add unwanted ions to the DI water.

The Solution
• Drexelbrook RF systems will accurately, reliably and repeatedly make DI Water measurements without “drift” by the correct selection of 3A approved Teflon covered sanitary sensors and electronic module selection.
• Unaffected by variations in DI Water conductivity.
• Drexelbrook has successfully made this difficult measurement for over 40 years in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

De-Ionized Water Indication and Control

Other Solutions
• DI Water
• Interface Level
• Basket Centrifuge
• WFI Water
• Batch Reactors
• Sanitary designs
• Mixing
• Solvents
• Fermentation
• Clean-in-Place
• Blending
• Acids

Typical Uses
• Continuous Level Control
• Point Level Control
• Waste Management
• Inventory Management
• Overfill Protection
• Regulatory Compliance

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