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Overfill Spill Prevention in Solvent Tanks

Overfill / Spill Prevention in Solvent Tanks
The Problem
• Overfilling solvent storage and day tanks will cost thousands of dollars in fines, clean up cost, loss of material, and down time.
• Solvent spills can cause injury and loss of life to plant personnel.
• Overfilling flammable material storage tanks can cause devastating fires.
• Continued incidents of overfill can cause an elevated level of attention between the facility and local authorities.

The Solution
• The Intellipoint RF Admittance High Level alarm from Drexelbrook prevents overfilling.
• The Intellipoint automatically function checks itself three times a second insuring it will function properly in a real high level emergency.
• The Intellipoint calibrates itself. Simply apply power.
• The Intellipoint Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) has been calculated to more then 285 years*.
*Safety Intellipoint loop powered model as tested by Certified SIL2 to IEC61508-2

Overfill / Spill Prevention in Solution Tanks

Other Solutions
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Typical Uses
• Continuous Level Control
• Point Level Control
• Waste Management
• Inventory Management
• Overfill Protection
• Regulatory Compliance

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