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Material Level Measurement in Plastic Pellet Storage Silo

Material Level Measurement In Plastic Pellet Storage Silo
The Application
Absence/presence indication for low, high, and mid material levels in Plastic Pellet bulk storage silos.

The Problem
Many facilities use Paddle Wheels to indicate presence or absence of material in storage silos. The moving parts of a paddle wheel are subject to wear and jamming making them unreliable in many installations.

The Solution
Drexelbrook installs Z-Tron RF point level switches in the silo. The RF point level switches have no moving parts to wear or jam. The Cote Shield circuitry of the Z-tron ignores build up and coatings of material on the sensing element allowing them to operate in the most severe installations.

Material Level Measurement in Plastic Pellet Storage Silo

• Reliable indication of material level in storage silo.
• No moving parts to wear out or jam.
• No motor burnouts.
• No routine maintenance required.
• Low cost of ownership Vs Paddle Wheels.
*Consult factory for higher temperature or pressure.

Other Solutions
• Filler Silo Storage
• Receiving Bins
• Spill Prevention
• High & Low Level Alarm
• Cyclone & Dust Collectors

Typical Uses

• Continuous Level
• Point Level
• Waste Management
• Inventory Management
• Overfill Protection
• Regulatory Compliance

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