Hydraulic Oil Level Measurement

Hydraulic Oil Level Measurement
Hydraulic and Lube Oil Reservoir level measurement is critical to prolong roller bearing and carriage life in paper production.

The Problem
• Changing temperatures and the contamination of lubrication and hydraulic oil create density variations that makes pressure and differential pressure level measurement systems inaccurate.
• Bubblers require constant maintenance and are affected by variations in air supply, plugging and surge pressure variations.
• Manual “stick” readings are ineffective as a method of emergency shutdown if a catastrophic hydraulic oil or lube oil failure occurs, and you only have minutes to react.

Hydraulic Oil Level Measurement
The Solution
• Drexelbrook Universal RF Admittance systems can provide 1⁄4” accuracy in most common oil reservoir level applications.
• RF Admittance is unaffected by variations in lube oil pressure, density and temperature.
RF systems require no periodic maintenance or re-calibration and can respond within 1 second to any level changes that may indicate a catastrophic lube or hydraulic oil failure.

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