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Level Measurement Solutions for High Density Stock

The Problem
· The density of washed or bleached Pulp Stock changes resulting in inaccurate level measurement for pressure measuring devices.
· Mechanical forces and corrosion preclude longterm use of continuous level technologies that contact the stock.
· Cloud-like Steam, Vapors and Foam absorb signals from Ultrasonic and Laser technologies.
· Slow response time to level changes cause pump motors to oscillate causing lack of control and premature wear.
· Maintenance personnel continue to make manual level readings and adjustments to existing level systems.

Pulp stock in silo

The Solution
· The Drexelbrook DR7000 Level Radar system for non-contacting accurate Total Level measurement of High Densit Pulp Stock. Accuracy to within 0.3% of actual level with measurement range’s possible to over 100 ft.
· Unaffected by coating deposits, density variations, entrained air, changes in temperature, pressure or background noise and requires
· No calibration and no periodic maintenance.

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