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Level Measurement Solutions for Paper Mills

Level Measurement Solutions for Paper Mills
To keep optimum heating performance in hot oil dryers a constant supply of hot (thermic) oil is a must. Paper Plants can boost paper drying efficiency and output by maintaining proper oil levels in reservoirs.

The Problem
• Density changes of hot oil make pressure and differential pressure systems inaccurate and unreliable.
• Periodic manual readings are not effective to insure the optimum oil level in reservoirs for peak dryer performance.
• Bubbler systems require too much maintenance time, and don’t provide the needed accuracy or reliability.

The Solution
Drexelbrook Universal RF Admittance systems can provide 1% of span accuracy independent of density, temperature or pressure changes.
RF Admittance systems set-up easily and are available with HART protocol and provide analog or digital outputs.
RF Admittance systems do not require periodic maintenance or re-calibration.

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