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Mark and Respect the Zones

What Defines a Zone Hazardous Area?
Mark Your Hazardous Location

Respecting safety zones is important. As personnel can travel between zones without noticing the switch in zones clear safety signs and the correct instrumentation is crucial. A misunderstanding, or lack of orientation, can in worst case trigger dangerous explosions, even at a very public facility such as a gas station.

Three Hazardous Locations or Zones
Hazardous areas are classified in three different zones which are based upon the frequency of the occurrence and duration of a potential hazardous atmosphere. This goes for both gas and dust; however, the zones are labelled individually as the safety needed differs. 

For an overview of the different types of safety zones and classifications in accordance to the IEC60079-10-1:2015 Standard click here

For overview and mapping of safety zones and classifications in accordance to the IEC60079-10-1:2015 for storage facilities and factories manufacturing grain, flour, cement or similar dry powder stored in tanks and gas stations click here