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Why Choose a Drexelbrook Water Cut Monitor

Drexelbrook is the world leader in RF Admittance based level measurements.

We have been using our patented RF Admittance technology for over 20 years to make water cut (BS&W) measurements. Our cut monitor systems are considered the standard at some of the world’s largest oil producers, pipelines, and refineries.

What are the Drexelbrook advantages over other products that attempt to mimic our accuracy and reliability?

Insertion probe advantages
Our probes measure a representative sample, starting at the center of the pipe, which is the preferred sampling location according to API.

High temperature and pressure ratings
We offer the highest pressure and temperature ratings in the industry. Our probes can handle pressures up to 1500 psi. and temperatures up to 450°F

Price, Price, Price
Why spend $15K + for a level measurement device when you can get a reliable, accurate measurement for much less?

Immunity to paraffin buildup
Our RF Admittance measurement is relatively unaffected by deposits on the pipe and probe.

Easy to clean
Simply pull the probe, wipe down, and re-insert. No need to take apart spool pieces and tie-off large pipelines.

Easy to install
Can be configured for NPT or flanged mounting. 4-20 mA can go to any signal processing unit. Can be installed in any pipe size.

Low maintenance
No gaskets or seals that require routine maintenance.

No coatings
Our Permaseal sensing element does not require epoxy coatings that wear out and require expensive servicing.

Sensing element will not wear out in well fluids that include large amounts of sand.

Easy to calibrate
Calibration that can be done via onboard keypad or through the 4-20mA loop with our HART software. Comes factory pre-calibrated and requires only one point calibration trim. Competitors require multiple samples and recurring calibration adjustment due to less stable electronics.

Wide selection of cut ranges
Has 11 pre-set ranges that are within 0-50% with custom ranges as high as 0-80% in heavy oil.

Not affected by changes in salinity
The RF Admittance technology is inherently immune to the conductivity changes in the fluid.

Learn more about why you should choose a Drexelbrook cut monitor in this PDF