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What Defines Zone Harzardous Areas

What Defines a Zone Hazardous Area?
What is a Zone Hazardous Area? 
Zone hazardous areas are labelled differently depending on the type of certification given to a level measurement instrument. For instance, ATEX is used in Europe, IECEx zones is used world-wide and the Class/Zone or Class/Division are labels mostly used in USA and Canada. In general, the definition of the zones themselves are very alike. 

What Defines a Zone Hazardous Area?
For understanding the zones, it is important to emphasize that the definition of a zone hazardous areas commonly depends on the existence of gas or dust in the atmosphere of the working area. Gas or dust safety zones will normally be defined clearly by the local authorities, an appointed safety consultant during the construction of a facility or by the safety manager. If you are uncertain of which zones you are working with, always check with the person responsible for the overall safety at your company, before ordering or installing level measurement instrumentation.

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