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Granular Material Level in Storage Silo

Granular Material Level in Storage Silo
The Problem
· Mechanical level switches such as paddle wheels will wear or burn out. Motors require regular replacement.
· The weight of granular material can damage vibrating fork type switches.

Plastic Pellet Level In Bulk Storage Silo

The Solution
· Drexelbrook RF switches are the most robust and versatile point level devices available.
· ThePoint and Intellipoint level switches from Drexelbrook require no calibration, simply install them and connect power.
· RF level switches have no moving parts. No paddles to turn no forks to vibrate eliminating maintenance.
· Sensors are available for a wide range of granular material from light plastic pellets to heavy rocks.
· Electronics can be integral or remote providing mounting in the best location for convenience or safety. Remote mounting eliminates reduced component life due to vibration.

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