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Ink Level in Reservoir of Industrial Printing Press

Ink Level in Reservoir of Industrial Printing Press
The Application
Ink level on industrial printing machines is a critical measurement. Continuously monitoring the level ensures constant ink feed during a run and allows the press to be run at maximum efficiency.

The Problem
The ink reservoirs are small with measuring spans of only several inches. Floats have typically been used for this measurement however; floats proved to be unreliable due to hang-ups and required extensive maintenance. The short span made the application unsuitable for sonic and radar due to “dead zones” associated with these technologies.

Ink Reservoir

The Solution
Drexelbrook installed a Universal continuous RF level measurement transmitter. The Universal level transmitter provides accurate, repeatable monitoring of the ink level and responds quickly to level changes allowing the press to run at maximum efficiency.

· Saves money through reduced downtime.
· Efficiently manage high cost ink inventory.
· No routine maintenance required.
· No moving parts to wear out or hang up.

*Consult factory for higher temperature or pressure.

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