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Wallboard Drywall Industry Gypsum Feed Bin

Wallboard Drywall Industry Gypsum Feed Bin
The Problem
• Detecting plugs in gypsum grinder feed bins is difficult due to the heavy, abrasive materials and dusty, coating nature of the environment.
• Regulatory requirements and source disposal problems make nuclear gauges an unappealing choice.
• Insertion type sensors are quickly damaged by falling material.
• Microwave sensors require two mounting windows.
• Vibration of chute walls can damage electrical components.

The Solution
• The Intellipoint RF Admittance Plugged Chute Detector reliably indicates when the chute has plugged reducing downtime and material spill over.
• The Intellipoint Plugged Chute Detector requires no maintenance. There are no moving parts to wear or jam.
• The Cote shield circuitry ignores even heavy coatings.
• There are no regulatory requirements.
• The fl ush mounted sensing element does not interfere with material fl ow
• Sensors are robust, industrial designed.
• Electronics can be mounted remotely to eliminate vibration concerns.
• The Intellipoint Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) has been calculated to more then 110 years*.

*Intellipoint loop powered model as tested by