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High Level Shut Off Filler Arm Loading

High Level Shut Off for Filler Arm Loading
The Problem
• Filler arms operate in locations that are subject to harsh environmental conditions such as vibration, dust, etc. Sensors mounted on filler arms are susceptible to impact shock which will damage most point level technologies.
• Many point level switches such as floats and tuning forks are not designed for this extreme environment.
• Spills from tankers can be hazardous and in many cases include costly fines.

High Level Shut Off for Filler Arm Loading

The Solution

RF sensing elements are robust, industrial designs to stand up to this punishing installation.
• There are no moving parts to wear out or hang up.
• Sensors are available in a Varity of materials for compatibility with virtually any chemical, hydrocarbon, or granular. Sanitary sensors are available for food and
beverage transport.
• Cote Shield circuitry eliminates false alarms due to coatings.
• Self-test feature ensures the switch will work when needed.
• Electronic unit can be remote mounted away from harsh environment.

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